Jokes - When they give you lecturer

We can not leave our readers without laughing so here we bring jokes in a form of funny replies when somebody tries to give you lecturer but please dont't forget to say "Just Joking". Your sense of humor make anyone's laugh so these quips do. Enjoy, laugh, share and comment you crazy people to make other trolling with LOL..

1.) Money is not Everything.. There is also Amex, visa and master cards..

2.) One should Love animals They are too tasty....

3.) Save water...Instead drink on the Rocks...

4.) Fruit, Salad and green vegetables are healthy..Leave them for the sick..

5.) Books are Holy..Don't touch them..

6.) Don't shout in office..It disturbs those who are sleeping...

7.) Love thy neighbors.. But don't get caught

8.) Hard work never killed anyone..But why take Chances..?

9) Why do something today can be done tomorrow by someone else

10.) Everyone should Marry.. after all... Happiness is not only thing in Life..

Do Comment, Share if you had a smile.. and if you have something funny to say, please tell.. We would love to hear your comments..
Happy Laughing..


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