The relation between watch and Wife Joke

Here is a funny joke where we have compared wife with watch and found many hilarious facts so just enjoy..

There is a great relation between a watch & a wife... Wanna know how:
Here you go:
1. A watch does 24 hours: tik tik tik... And a wife does 24 hours kit kit kit..

2. Watch's sticks come to same point after having round so wife does. She comes to same point after you make her understand and force you to go with her understanding.

3. If watch goes faulty, it goes to mechanic shop but watch goes wrong, it goes to mom's home..

4. You need cells to charge watch and you need to salary to charge the wife.

5. When its 12 in the watch, all sticks are one but when it 12 hour with wife, she looks like 3..

6. There is fix time when watch gives alarm but there is no fix time of wife's alarm.

7. When watch has a problem, it stops but when wife has a problem, she starts..

8. The bid difference is whenever you want you can change the watch but you can't change the wife.


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