Being funny with latest collection of New Jokes

Less than 5% people in this world hate humor so among the population of trillion billion people, 95% like and love to have humor and laughter in life and they want to be funny as well. And this is good because it gives us new energy, refresh ourselves and makes our health much better.
So here we are with our newest collection of latest funny jokes to explore a fun loving person inside you. Yes, you can make people and yourself laugh by sharing these wonderful pranks..
Below pranks are for each of our valuable reader to read, share and enjoy. Do remember that life is to live once so live it at fullest.

After marriage father in law calls son in law: hello dear.. how are you? hope, your life is going cool..
Son in law: forget about myself, I am 200% sure that your life is now easy and trouble-free...

Oil saying: Whenever you awake, that is morning..
New saying: Whenever you awake, you are online..

Wife to her friend: I tried to be good wife for few days.. I did everything to be cool with my hubby..
But after one week I fought with hubby..
God promise.. now I am feeling much better and relaxed..... and now I came to know that real satisfaction comes only when I do fight with him...

Man: I always feel so tired.. I always get sleep and even after sleeping many hours, I again feel to have more sleep.
Dr.: Ok, which phone do you use?
Man: Very basic phone..
Dr. Ah.... Please buy a smart phone.. May be Android or Apple.. Install social media apps and than you will be busy always.. You will not get sleep so easy because there is always something bothering you... Cheers..

Wife returns from market...
Husband says: My guess, you must be bringing something to eat in this box..
Wife: Oh my dear.. You are absolutely right.. I have my sleepers for you to...

Do remember that Love is blind but ALSO remember that your parents and neighbors are NOT...

Dear Friend: which phone gives the best battery back up?
Me: you can better take advise from that person who awakes whole night while talking to her girlfriend. He is the right person.

3 things never stay for long:
1- Body building with POWDER and supplements
2- Money from selling land
3- Setting girl from social media. LOL

Wife: You are abusing me while sleeping...
Husband: No, you must be having some misunderstanding..
Wife: No, what misunderstanding?
Husband: I was awake.. :))))

Jack: What is marriage?
John: Marriage is such a forest where brave lions are hunted by beautiful deers..


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