Jokes - You Must Share Once in Life to make it Funny

Jokes are life’s supporting contents to make life worth living. These pranks enlighten the life and give the fuel to move in life positively.
When we share J , we intend write fresh, new and most funny ones so here you gonna read the most
hilarious ever on the web:
The benefit you get while while these jokes are:
A.) You feel immediate refreshment
B.) People appreciate your effort of making them smile.
C.) When you laugh, your inner health improves,
D.) Your absence is felt in any gathering
E.) You spread positive in the atmosphere
F.) You make best use of time.
G.) Your friend circle increases.
H.) People love to be in your company.

It is been said again and again that life is short, make it easy and cool but in reality:

When you actually enter in the practical life, worries, tensions and problems automatically comes
Your comfort zone, ease of life gets disturbed.
Time flies and you get fail to maintain work life balance.
Here, We don't say that you should take it easy but we advice that solve your problem wisely, use mind
and do not get so much persona. Spare sometime for yourself and entertain yourself. Be strong. stay positive so that people wonder, how you're still smiling.

And finally after above lecture, I would like to share those most Funny Jokes which are very quick and you must share atleast once in lifetime to be remembered forever for your good sense of humor:

I did fall--
She laughed...
I replied: I didn't fall - floor just needed a HUG.

Mom: Did you read any book in last two months?
Me: Mom, I did go through Facebook, does it count?

behind every smile....
Joke :)
Which you never understand... LOL

Teacher to another teacher - he failed the exam..
me to my friend: she failed to teach me..

Husband: Today, onward, I will spend no time on social media and spend all time with wife and kids..
Wife: And you will share you so bad jokes? NO WAY.. please...


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