Best 20 Funny Jokes to actually make your day full of laughter

Day without laughter is day wasted but we won't let you do this that is why we are bringing here the best 20 very funny jokes to make your day full of laughter. Be sure that you will move from here with a good experience. Cheers

When min stops working?
Men's mind work perfectly all the times...but it stops working only 2 critical times..
Me: When?
Man: 5 minute before exam and while choosing a girl..

Will you DANCE?
In a marriage function, boy said to a girl: will you dance?
Girl: Ahh, Ok, yes
Boy, then please stand up, I need a chair..

Girl's status
I do lots of worship and good work..
But I am afraid if I become a goddess so that I why I go illegal sometimes...

Why did you make me married?
Son: Dad, why you have forced me for marriage?
Dad: You don't know?
Son: No, please tell..
Dad: 25 years I have cleaned dishes alone but Now with you...

On you head
Man while wedding to priest: Sir, on while side I should ask my bride to sit, left or right?
Priest: Anywhere son, because ultimately she will sit on your head all the life..

Why you are here?
Girl sees her ex lover on her marriage, rushes towards him and asks: Why are you here, I am getting married tomorrow..
Boy: Catering and other arrangement are being ordered to me.. What do you want, should I stop eating/working??

Daughter to dad
Dad, one boy has made my life miserable. He makes me uncomfortable everywhere
Dad: So how do you want to punish him?
Daughter: By getting married with him...

Today's kids
Teacher: Why you did not come to school yesterday
Kid: The kids who came yesterday gonna get great JOB?

Face difficulties with smile
Wife came back from her father's home
Husband opens door and starts laughing so loud..
Wife: Why are you laughing like thins?
Husband: I have been taught that whenever difficulty comes, welcome with smile..


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