Jokes - to Make anyone's day brighter

Jokes work like a booster because they enable the teller and listener to laugh a lot and laughing makes your mood so good. It spread positive energy into your mind and body. As we know life is full of tensions and struggles. Everyone is running for something. Rich want to get more richer and poor are struggling to arrange for their basic needs. Middle class people are under immense pressure of maintaining the status.

So in these difficult world, we have taken responsibility to make you laugh with our new, funny and humorous jokes, so read, share, energize people and have fun

Teacher: What is the difference between Song and lecture?
Student: When other women say something, it feels like a sweet song. Her voice attacks on our heart. So nice.. AND when our own wife says something - Ahh.. It is a lecturer..
NEXT DAY - Teacher gave the student a good treat for having such a deep knowledge --:) :) :)

Man: My wife is missing..
Postman: This is post office NOT police station..
Man: I am really sorry - out of happiness - I am confused and do not understand where to go..

Wife always call men a fool..
and then say.. we are ahead of men.. LoL


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