The Jokes People Love Like Anything

Billions of people around there in the world and each one of them search for a moment to have a good laughter to reduce the stress. Although this blog is full of amazing jokes but this short post gonna give a the incredible funny jokes people love to hear on this earth so enjoy..

Here you go:

What is the difference between senior and junior?
The person who lives near sea is senior and who lives near zoo in junior.

Wife: See our neighbour.. He takes his wife everyday outside for dinner, did you ever thing of doing it?
Husband: I tried asking his wife many times but she refuses always :)

Height of insult:
In the hot summer, lot of people were waiting for bus..
Beggar comes and get some tips from everybody..then he takes his smartphone, books a cab and rides away!

I got impressed when someone's laugh is funnier then his jokes.

I am not short, I am built close to the earth for speed and accuracy.

Him: Did you ever do any noble cause?
Me: Yes, somebody was having pain in their leg, waking very slowly..then I opened my dog and they reached in 2 minutes.

My Boss wishes me to have a good and happy day.
So I returned to home.

Press any key to start..
Where is 'Any' key?

Never laugh on your spouse's choice..
You are one of them.

Admit It:
You push the door when it say pull..

The awkward moment when you think you are going to do a silent fart and it comes out like a machine gun.

The more you weigh..the harder you are to kidnap so stay safe and eat cakes.

Makes us crazy to re-think those weird conversations with your fast friend and thinking if someone heard us right now, we'd put into mental hospital.

I love my pillow because it gives me different hairstyle everyday!


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