11 Jokes You Must Share Once in Short Life

Life is small and it flies like dust from fist so to make maximum out of it, here are awesome collection of 11 funny jokes a human being must share/read/hear in life. It gonna give you/your listener an amazing sense of humor with big fountain of laughter.
Here we go:

Husband: I seems like you put excess salt in vegetables.
Wife: Please, salt is accurate, vegetables are less. I told you to bring sufficient quantity.
Moral: Wife is always right!

I am not short..
I am built close to the ground for speed and accuracy.

Helmet and wife are similar:
Your life is saved as long as you keep them on your head!:)

Why they keep gap between engagement and marriage?
Because you can not blame that you have not given a chance to escape!!

Half of my energy wasted on random knowledge..

I shared a chemistry joke..
There was no Reaction!

Why did Adele crossed the road?
To say hello from other side.

In marriage: Bride's X-boyfriend also came..
Father: Who are you?
X: I am out after playing semi final.. Now here to see the final!

What do you call fake noodle?
an impasta!

Guess, who I saw today?
Everybody I looked at! :))

I miss you like an Idiot misses the point!

That is it. Thirst for more? You are welcome to read come here often read our the refreshing stuff.


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