New Series of Latest Jokes

Time continues so our efforts of adding good jokes too. Here presenting the new series of very funny/fresh jokes to let you experience again that uncontrollable laughter in very short span of time. Humor exists in every human being but it needs to be dragged out and our contents do the same. They awaken your inner crazy kid and when you go through them, you never know when you dip into the ocean of fun.

Here we go:

Do wrong positions in make our result an ugly baby?
Ask your parents!

I always keep my dream alive so whenever it alarms - I press the snooze buttons.

If things goes too well and smoothly, I doubt there must be something wrong.

I always forget that I really have such an terrible memory.

A new research reveals that an average person spends 10 hours a week. Me: Do they mean every day?

There is an app on my phone which makes you look so fatty, it is camera!

Did you know where my dog went when it loses its tail?
Retail store

I am really apologies not to come at your party tonight because I really have to get up early in tomorrow afternoon!

You know Why are hurricanes named after women?
Because they come wet and wild and they leave with your house and your car.

At the airport they asked me if anybody I didn’t know gave me anything. Even the people I know don’t give me anything. (George Wallace)

Animals may be our friends. But they won’t pick you up at the airport. (Bobcat Goldthwait)


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