11 Crazy Jokes on Drinkers

In quest of find the good jokes and after doing lot of research, finally we are here to release 11 funny jokes to point out on drinkers that you can always share to change the mood.
Here you go:

Once a cow swallows a mobile and she goes crazy. Whenever mobile rings, she starts running like hell.
Finally a smart man suggested that better to take that cow out of coverage area.. Intelligent..

Who say drinkers are not in their senses.?

Two man were full after having 5 pags and walking on rail track..

One said: I never walked so many stairs in my life.
Second said: That is ok and side rods are so down..

If social media were school, I would get certificate for full attendance.

Once a drunker dies due to excess intake of alcohol.
See his dedication, when he was about to die, he stated that Whiskey was strong but his lever was very weak!

Man: Ok, it you offer a donkey a glass of water and a glass of wine, what he will prefer?
Friend: Water, because he is donkey!

Police stop a man and ask: where are you going at 1:00 clock in night?
Man: I am going to attend a lecture on side effects of drinking.
Police: So late, who gonna give you lecture?
Man: My wife.

Man: Knocks at his door.
Wife opens and he asks his wife: who are you?
Man: Alcohol makes you forget every tension.

Drinker donates his eyes.
Doctors asks that you want to say anything?
Man: Yes, who will use just ask him that eyes open after 2 drinks.

Man to waiter: What is hottest thing you have?
Waiter: Noddles
Man:" More Hot
Waiter: Soup
Man: More hot
Waiter Boiled water
Man: More hot
Waiter: Fire
Man: Ok get it, I need to burn my cigarette.


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