9 Super Light Jokes

Life is all about laughing as much as possible, but you must need a reason to have a good laugh! Don't worry, here are top 9 light hilarious funny jokes to help in doing it. Do share them further to continue the wave of fun keep surrounding the world!

1. Wife: I can fight the whole world for you!
Husband: All the the time, you keep on fighting with me!
Wife: The lovely price, you are my whole world! :)

2. Man to 2 boys: You both look good, what is your relation?
Guy: We have very far relation?
Man: How?
Guy: He is my younger brother.
Man: So how, he is very close relative..
Guy: No, there is six more brother before him!

3. You look so beautiful in your profile pic.
Girl: I am good designer.

4. Man: Wife is missing!
Officer: Are you blind. It is post office, just go to police station.
Man: Ops, sorry, I got mad due to excess happiness!

5. I never made a mistake, I think I did it once but I was wrong!

6. Man: I am not getting married:
Priest: You can not do it, there is lot of happiness written in your fate!

7. Man: How is my son in studies?
Teacher: He is great, it feels like the invention of 0 is just for him!

8. Friend: Where are you going?
Me: Just washroom to enlighten myself. It is I will not

9. Teacher: Again, you have not did your homework, tell, what punishment should I give you?
Guy: That girl has not also did it, lock us both in bathroom!


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