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I know you must be fed up from hearing those repeated jokes again and again. Well, do not worry - we are here to update you with fresh ones. We do lot of researches so that you get the newest. Your smile is our target - and we take it very seriously. WE wish you shall be laughing all the time. It gonna make you healthier and attractive personality. Enough - now go below - and read these new in the market.

Wife is house queen..
Does her own things..
Get irritates when given a work.
Gets happy when goes to shopping!

Rat: In a party had 4 glasses of Beer!
Cat: It is party, otherwise you would have dead!
Rat:Run from here..Otherwise people will say that I am beating a female after drunk!

Whether you are in love or being beaten by a mosquito - Results will be same..
No sleep whole nigh!!!

Dr: How do you come here?
Patient: Not feeling well!
Dr.: Do you take alcohol?
Patient: Yes, but please make it small!!

Friend: How did you teeth break?
Man: Wife has made so hard breads!
Friend: So you should have denied from eating!!
Man: That is what I did!!!

Compounder:Why do you stare girls while standing here o regular basis?
Man: Because it is written in you notice board - 11 - 1 - time to see females!!


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