09 jokes you can easily share anywhere

Are confused about what to share when you want to make the atmosphere light? Well, here we are coming up with these light, clean and simple jokes to be shared at this moment, no matters what your audience are!

Here we move:

1) Man standing at ATM machine!
Thief: Get and withdraw all the money and give it to us!
Man: But I do not have ATM!
Thief: Than what are you doing here?
Man: Just to chill myself in their air conditions.

2) World's three vary innocent faces:
A- Sleeping child.
B- The person who is asking to for give some money!
C- Our Friend who is sitting in front of our parent!

3) When did the king die?
In his last war!

4)What is the main reason of divorce?

5) In which state biggest rives flows?

6) When our Prime Minister birth?
On his Birthday!

7)How will you divide 7 mangoes between 10 people?
By making Mango Shake!

8)In whole year, where maximum ice fall?
In Glass of wine!

9) Wife (Angrily): I just can not believe this! You forgot my birth day! How dare you!
Hubby (in very tempting voice): Darling, how can you expect me to remember this day when you never look any older!
Wife: Really, my love?
Hubby: Yes, Honey... (thinking - Thank God, I recall the dialogue at right time, otherwise, I would have dead today)

Not is Sure, so instead of waiting for perfect time, why not to en-cash what you have right now! Finding the correct time is very rare. You have create it, and the right time is now, live it and rest will fall on places itself.


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