Silliest Complaints Ever - You Must Go Through

After receiving strange but eye opening complaint from a user, Microsoft decided not to invest further in computers..

Complaint Date: 1st April - Person Name: I Doubt!

Dear Owner,

I bought a computer for my family but we came across some of the biggest unexpected problems! Kindly have a look.

#1. Near alt, I saw the start button but there is no Stop button.

#2. I also purchased keyboard, mouse, data card, CPU, data cable but there is only one icon which shows 'My computer'. So when you will provide the remaining items?

#3.You also show 'My Network Places'. For heaven's sake, please stop providing 'My secret places' I just do not want to let my spouse know where I go after my office hours.

#4. My kids learned 'Computer Word' now they want to learn 'Computer Sentence' so let us know when you introduce that.

#5. There is a query whether any re-scooter is available in your system? I see 're-cycle' only but U own a scooter.

#6. It is shocking that windows says 'My pictures' but there is not even a single pic of mine. So when will you keep my photos ion that?

#7. There is 'Microsoft Office' what about 'Microsoft Home' because I use system at home only.

#8. You only show my recent documents but I need to check my past documents too!

#9. You placed a 'Find' key but it is not working at all. My kid lost my car's key and I tried a lot to trace it with this 'find' button but it didn't work!

#10. Last but not least.. You tell you name is Gates then why are you selling Window?

Thanks & Regards
Always Concerned Person.


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