Girl After Wine

When a girl takes Alcohol, there are lots of funny dramatic things happen with her. She does lots of daring and amusing tasks. Before and after drink, there is world of difference between her personality. Lets have a look at them:

You really believe that dancing with your arms, rounding your head, and wiggling your back portion while shouting 'Woo-hoo!' is perfectly coolest dance move ever.

You start hugging your friends and expressing you love them more than anyone else.

You get very exited and jump up and down every time a new song plays because 'Oh my God! This is ma favorite song!'

You've suddenly started smoking and be really perfect at first go.

You start yelling at bartender, who you believe cheated you by giving you just lemonade.

It feels like you are in bed but pillow feels like tough floor.

You've suddenly decided that you love to kick someone's back and sincerely believe you could do it.

At you last visit to pee, you realize that you now look more like a homeless hooker than the simple sweet goddess you were just before few hours ago.

You throw your sandals because you believe it's their fault that you're having walking problem.

When a vehicle hits you you have no idea where your mobile and purse are.


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