Very Funny, Quick n Short Jokes for Endless/Uncontrollable Laughter

World is endless so chances of laughter and fun too. Here we present again very short and quick jokes for your laughter needs. It gonna make you and your friend circle crazy with uncontrollable smiles..

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Very Important, crispy, funny but useful general knowledge General:
In 26 letters of alphabets, W is the most dangerous and full of tension letter... How? See:
What, where, who, whom, why, Work, Wine, Whisky,.....
Not enough.... Women...
Want to hear more...
And in today's life biggest hacker is..... Whatsapp....

2 guys are walking down the street when a mugger approaches them and demands their money. They both grudgingly pull out their wallets and begin taking out their cash. Just then one guy turns to the other and hands him a bill. "Here’s that $20 I owe you," he says.

A guy meets a hooker in a bar. She says, "This is your lucky night. I’ve got a special game for you. I’ll do absolutely anything you want for $300, as long as you can say it in …

Jokes - When they give you lecturer

We can not leave our readers without laughing so here we bring jokes in a form of funny replies when somebody tries to give you lecturer but please dont't forget to say "Just Joking". Your sense of humor make anyone's laugh so these quips do. Enjoy, laugh, share and comment you crazy people to make other trolling with LOL..

1.) Money is not Everything.. There is also Amex, visa and master cards..

2.) One should Love animals They are too tasty....

3.) Save water...Instead drink on the Rocks...

4.) Fruit, Salad and green vegetables are healthy..Leave them for the sick..

5.) Books are Holy..Don't touch them..

6.) Don't shout in office..It disturbs those who are sleeping...

7.) Love thy neighbors.. But don't get caught

8.) Hard work never killed anyone..But why take Chances..?

9) Why do something today can be done tomorrow by someone else

10.) Everyone should Marry.. after all... Happiness is not only thing in Life..

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The relation between watch and Wife Joke

Here is a funny joke where we have compared wife with watch and found many hilarious facts so just enjoy..

There is a great relation between a watch & a wife... Wanna know how:
Here you go:
1. A watch does 24 hours: tik tik tik... And a wife does 24 hours kit kit kit..

2. Watch's sticks come to same point after having round so wife does. She comes to same point after you make her understand and force you to go with her understanding.

3. If watch goes faulty, it goes to mechanic shop but watch goes wrong, it goes to mom's home..

4. You need cells to charge watch and you need to salary to charge the wife.

5. When its 12 in the watch, all sticks are one but when it 12 hour with wife, she looks like 3..

6. There is fix time when watch gives alarm but there is no fix time of wife's alarm.

7. When watch has a problem, it stops but when wife has a problem, she starts..

8. The bid difference is whenever you want you can change the watch but you can't change the wife.

Being funny with latest collection of New Jokes

Less than 5% people in this world hate humor so among the population of trillion billion people, 95% like and love to have humor and laughter in life and they want to be funny as well. And this is good because it gives us new energy, refresh ourselves and makes our health much better.
So here we are with our newest collection of latest funny jokes to explore a fun loving person inside you. Yes, you can make people and yourself laugh by sharing these wonderful pranks..
Below pranks are for each of our valuable reader to read, share and enjoy. Do remember that life is to live once so live it at fullest.

After marriage father in law calls son in law: hello dear.. how are you? hope, your life is going cool..
Son in law: forget about myself, I am 200% sure that your life is now easy and trouble-free...

Oil saying: Whenever you awake, that is morning..
New saying: Whenever you awake, you are online..

Wife to her friend: I tried to be good wife for few days.. I did everything to be cool with my hub…

Jokes - You Must Share Once in Life to make it Funny

Jokes are life’s supporting contents to make life worth living. These pranks enlighten the life and give the fuel to move in life positively.
When we share J , we intend write fresh, new and most funny ones so here you gonna read the most
hilarious ever on the web:
The benefit you get while while these jokes are:
A.) You feel immediate refreshment
B.) People appreciate your effort of making them smile.
C.) When you laugh, your inner health improves,
D.) Your absence is felt in any gathering
E.) You spread positive in the atmosphere
F.) You make best use of time.
G.) Your friend circle increases.
H.) People love to be in your company.

It is been said again and again that life is short, make it easy and cool but in reality:

When you actually enter in the practical life, worries, tensions and problems automatically comes
Your comfort zone, ease of life gets disturbed.
Time flies and you get fail to maintain work life balance.
Here, We don't say that you should take it easy but we advice that solve y…

Best 20 Funny Jokes to actually make your day full of laughter

Day without laughter is day wasted but we won't let you do this that is why we are bringing here the best 20 very funny jokes to make your day full of laughter. Be sure that you will move from here with a good experience. Cheers

When min stops working?
Men's mind work perfectly all the times...but it stops working only 2 critical times..
Me: When?
Man: 5 minute before exam and while choosing a girl..

Will you DANCE?
In a marriage function, boy said to a girl: will you dance?
Girl: Ahh, Ok, yes
Boy, then please stand up, I need a chair..

Girl's status
I do lots of worship and good work..
But I am afraid if I become a goddess so that I why I go illegal sometimes...

Why did you make me married?
Son: Dad, why you have forced me for marriage?
Dad: You don't know?
Son: No, please tell..
Dad: 25 years I have cleaned dishes alone but Now with you...

On you head
Man while wedding to priest: Sir, on while side I should ask my bride to sit, left or right?
Priest: Anywhere son, because ultimately …

Jokes - to Make anyone's day brighter

Jokes work like a booster because they enable the teller and listener to laugh a lot and laughing makes your mood so good. It spread positive energy into your mind and body. As we know life is full of tensions and struggles. Everyone is running for something. Rich want to get more richer and poor are struggling to arrange for their basic needs. Middle class people are under immense pressure of maintaining the status.

So in these difficult world, we have taken responsibility to make you laugh with our new, funny and humorous jokes, so read, share, energize people and have fun

Teacher: What is the difference between Song and lecture?
Student: When other women say something, it feels like a sweet song. Her voice attacks on our heart. So nice.. AND when our own wife says something - Ahh.. It is a lecturer..
NEXT DAY - Teacher gave the student a good treat for having such a deep knowledge --:) :) :)

Man: My wife is missing..
Postman: This is post office NOT police station..
Man: I am really sorr…